A/W Wardrobe Wishing

28 August 2014

Stuck between a rock and a hard place. A phrase nails both the weather and how feel about dressing. Not quite ready to embrace my trusty black tights, neither however am I ready to ditch the pretty pastels that adorn my wardrobe. So whilst I pretend I've got this transitional styling thing down, I'll leave you with the next season pieces that are capturing my full attention:

Brogues - M&S ∙ Trench - M&S ∙ Animal Print Crew - Warehouse ∙ Leather Biker - Topshop  Curve Grey Skirt - Topshop  Grey Sweater (with bejewelled fastening!) - Zara ∙ Slogan Tee - Zara ∙ Moccasin - Zara  Pink Check Scarf - Miss Selfridge ∙ Printed Dress - Zara  Lace Trim Top - Warehouse  Floral Dress - Warehouse 

As you can see, both Marks & Spencers, Warehouse and Zara are dominating the style stakes. With a peek at their A/W press day during the height of summer, I was completely smitten with all that M&S had to offer. A complete game changer, their autumn staples are topping my must-haves. Take the Burberry-esq trench, well cut and smouldering for less than hundred bucks, not forgetting the fierce burgundy brogues are calling my name.

Warehouse is another brand that has risen to the challenge to compete with the likes of Whistles and Toppers, with a slightly higher price point I'm feeling a flirt coming along with leopard print knitwear but staying in my comfort zone with floral printed dresses and my standard uniform of cream blouses garnished with a touch of lace.

Tell me, are you feeling the excitement of autumn? Nothing beats coat shopping! 

5 TO DO: Life Admin

25 August 2014

Time rushes on by so quickly, so every once and a while I like to indulge in a little life admin. This mostly includes a to-do list the length of my arm, takes place on a (lazy) Sunday and mostly results in a life overhaul. You know those things that you just never seem to get around to doing? From sorting out bank statements to binning your overflowing purse of receipts - it's time to get organised.

- Paper work: file the important stuff, shred the rest. Seriously. Invest in a decent filing system (who said it doesn't have to be pretty?) and organise all your important documents this includes student loan forms, insurance details, bank statements and receipts. Anything else, shred. You'll thank yourself for it later.

- You won't win the lottery if you don't buy a ticket, so why bother pretending to save if you're doing it half assed? Book an appointment with the bank to look at the right account (ISA's where it's at) and set up a direct debit - or heck, even buy a ceramic piggy bank - and feel a sense of achievement (instead of sheer panic) every time you log into your online banking.

- Organise your digital space. Is your iPhone running slow or your desktop a crazed crowd? Sync and delete. Take time to delete old photos, files and programs. On my Mac Book I have separate folders for personal bits, blog photos and any work, also make time to empty the trash and downloads folder.

- Book in those all important dates. For those who never quite get around to booking into the hairdressers or dentist, shame on you. All it takes is a phone call, if you have to change it nearer the time, thats fine, but get into the routine of re-booking and you'll never miss another hot date again.

- To-Do On-The-Go. Taking full advantage of my Notes app on my iPhone, I continuously jot down ideas, things to do and even pen blog posts on the go. You never seem to have a pen when you need one, but nine times out of ten your phone will be in your hand, so get tapping!

Whilst you're on a roll why not: deep clean your wardrobe (yep!), wash your hair brush, recycle any old magazines, untangle all those pretty necklaces, clean out your handbag and finally, give yourself a pedi as a pampering treat. Bliss. 

What tips do you have for staying organised?

An Introduction to Jurlique

17 August 2014

Australian skincare brand Jurlique has subtly been on my radar ever since firm fan Michelle and I jetted off to Morroco, always intrigued and drawn in by their organic ingredients and natural products, I was delighted when they got in touch to sample their Herbal Recovery range...

Grown organically on their South Australian farm, Jurlique commit themselves to creating skincare in its most natural state, using ingredients in their most purest form. Having never dabbled in natural skincare, I was excited at the prospect of seeing if it had any effect on my skin. With a slightly higher price tag than I normally splash out on, I gave the Herbal Recovery line my full attention over the last month or so. 

A range dedicated to age prevention, it helps protect the skin from the first signs of ageing with potent botanicals and antioxidants. A collection well and truly suited to my skin, I sampled both the serum and night cream, as well as the eye cream each evening after cleansing.

Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum: A lightweight (slightly runny) serum that covers your face in just two small pumps, it promises a bevy of miraculous claims, from restoring radiant skin to minimising pores, even smoothing over your complexion for clearer looking skin. It could certainly talk the talk, but did it walk the walk? Completely. I was blown away. The results weren't instant, but after a week I was amazed at just how my skin looked fresher, smoother and surprisingly, the pores on my t-zone were blurred and minimised. And if that doesn't have you giddy, what will?

Herbal Night Recovery Cream: I envisioned this to be a rich thick cream, but really it's a gel/lotion formulation that offers instant hydration and works as the perfect side-kick to the serum. Again a little goes a long way and I felt the duo combined were a match made. It was fast absorbing and didn't clog pores and neither left a tacky feel on the skin after. 

Herbal Recovery Eye Cream: A guilty confession, I can give or take an eye cream, I'm an avid stickler in the morning - but come evening I'm prone to forgetting. A slave to my thick and creamy Kiehls Avocado eye cream, the Herbal Recovery was a very light runny lotion in contrast. I didn't see any heroic transformations, however it would certainly be a good eye cream for morning application. 

Have you ever tried Jurlique? Next on my list to try is the Rosewater Balancing Mist! If you fancy dabbling with natural skincare, the brand do a cracking range of try-me kits if you want to try before you fully indulge.