Style: The Zara Embellished Knit

30 October 2014

Oh Zara, how do you do it? Quite the wardrobe essential for this time of year, not only do the soft grey and navy knitted jumpers manage to flatter but they also have the most charming embellished button.

Sweater with jewel button - Zara (£19.99)

Just calling out for a messy ballerina bun, it's certainly all in the details where these knits are concerned. I was so smitten that in quick haste I picked them up air-side in duty free. (Side note: why have I never not raided Zara in DF before?!). Shoving them in my suitcase and lagging them all over the US, I was delighted to finally prize these out of my suitcase back on home ground. Paired wonderfully with dark denim skinnies and mink boots or with a pretty printed skirt - they are a steal just asking to be added to your wardrobe.

I clearly get far too excited over knitwear, especially the embellished kind. Where are your favourite brands to stock up on jumpers and cardis? I'm all ears.

On The Menu: DF MEXICO

28 October 2014

Tell me, what do you get when you mix fresh mexican flavours with a hint of old school american dining? The delicious fusion that is DF Mexico. From the brainchild that brought us Wahacca, Master Chef winner Thomasina Myers has paved the way modern mexican dining.

Setting up shop in the Old Truman Brewery, DF Mexico has become the new 'must-eat'. Grabbing the girls for lunch one Sunday, we headed over East to see what all the fuss was about - and, let's be honest - to stuff our faces.

Sighting no queue (hurrah!) we were seated pretty speedily and threw ourselves into menu, coming up for air to admire the modern interior and pitching up to the self service with eager excitement. Self service basically equates to an iPad and card machine, with a real life human standing behind to offer a glass for the self-service drinks. Bit weird, bit cool. Nightmare if you were a) old b) in a large group like the old lady next to us. Perfect however if you're in a gaggle of girls and guys and want to pay separately, without the annoying drag of having to wait ages for the bill after. Kudos!

Serving up a treat of frozen margaritas, I played it cool and piped for a virgin bottomless Hibiscus water. A refreshing blend with a hint of tropical, it sweetened the deal with the promise of free re-fills. After much debating, I finally set my taste buds on the steak tacos.

Two crispy tacos arrived promptly, with soft tender steak with a topping of salsa, salad and guacamole. If there was ever a winning combination, this was it. I'm not normally a steak girl, but after my recent American adventure, I was delighted to report back that the marinated steak pieces were cooked to perfection. With a heavy helping of chilli fries, the dusted chilli powder skin-on-fries kind, it was like a spice party in my mouth (did I really just type that?).

Taking mexican to the next level, with a heavy american influence, it's clear to see why all the kids are flocking to DF Mexico. I'll be back... to pretty much sample everything, and oh - one of those frozen margaritas certainly has my name on.

Have you ever visited DF Mexico?

5 TO DO: Hello Autumn

26 October 2014

As the evenings draw in and the crisper days start to turn chilly, the change in seasons is finally here. For one that means endless hot chocolates (always with cream, obvs), thick thermal tights (yes please) and cosy dressing gowns (hello RHW offering from M&S) - however there are few things on my agenda as we fall into the new season (pun intended).

1 / Back to basics. Revamp those knicker drawers, bin those worn-out tights and re-stock your bra selection. Hell to the yes it's a boring chore and no one really sees those knicks anyway, but push the boat out and treat yourself to something pretty. Pretty and practical. I'm a lover of Gap socks fyi.

2 / It's time to bring out the skincare heroes. Whip yourself up in a moisturising frenzy, head to toe. That means slapping on the facial oil, slathering on the hand cream and devoting those freezing five minutes to body moisturising. You will thank yourself come summer.

3 / Think autumnal hues and have your winter polishes and lipsticks to hand. Dark berry shades meet glossy wine shades, who doesn't love neat and short navy nails? Throw a little glitter in the mix on the right finger and now we're talking.  

4 / Pack away all your S/S must-haves in vacuum pack bags (very swish), send your coats off to the dry cleaners, get your trusty boots re-heeled and last but no least, mend any loose buttons. Not very glamorous, but it pays to be prepared.

5 / Book in for a hair cut. Chop off those scraggly dry ends from summer, treat yourself to a conditioning mask and why not even dabble with a change of colour? Blondes tone it down, brunettes go for glossy rich shades. This blonde streak i'm sporting will be banished.

And then before you know it you'll be counting down to the festive season (if you aren't already) and then it all becomes a mad panic of salted caramel lattes, gift wrap shopping (serious business), christmas jumper huntin' and party frock hoppin'. Roll on C*******s.

How are you prepping for fall?