Thoughts: She believed she could, so she did.

16 November 2014

It's been a while since we last sat down and had a chat, over the last month my blog has somewhat become an ode to Kate Spade (sorry not sorry) and although my blog doesn't really get much deeper than that, sometimes I like to ramble. So here goes.

Since turning the grand old age of 25, I've definitely suffered a quarter life crisis. Symptoms include: buying two bedside table lamps for the non-exsistant house, hurrying to book in for dentist and smear tests (I'm too young for dentures!), drafting a saving plan so I can buy non-exsistant house and basically, everything on this Buzzfeed list. Career/money/health worries, 25 has been hard already.

Following the manta 'buy less, choose well' truly backfired this month, online shopping cursed me like a scorned women with terrible sizing - and whilst I may not have any wardrobe additions (sob), I actually bought most of my Christmas shopping. Which theoretically means that I totally get to blow my December paycheck on presents for oneself right?

Speaking of the festive season,  I'm going all out this year already. Who knew planning your gift wrap was so important? My Christmas jumper(s) are just itching to be worn, festive recipes are waiting patiently to be baked, merry dates are filling my diary and alas, the biggest gift guide post known to man is taking shape on the blog (watch this space).

Indulging in: The Rosie Huntington-Whitely plush dressing gown for M&S has become new obsession, I feel like I'm wafting around in a soft heavenly cloud / slash / wearing a big cloak on The Wall ala Game of Thrones style. 

Beauty Pick: Feeling fierce I totally rocked a red lip to work (thank you Nars Cruella), brightening up a dull day - I've totally got this statement lip down. Also, a strange one. But the Radox Nourish shower gel leaves your skin feeling silky smooth, get on it. 

Lust: These fur lined slippers with a fluffy pom pom from Boden - I say no more.

And just because, it would be rude not too - there is 20% off the new UK Kate Spade website with code 'BEMERRYGB'. Hop over to Charlie's blog and enjoy her stateside posts. For many crimes against drunk vlogging, see me debut in Corrie's vlog here. Note, naughty ribeana's should totally be a thing and Kim K's bum is massive in RL. Go watch the video.

So what's new with you?

Beauty Talk: The Matte Lip

13 November 2014

I'm seriously late to the party, but boy am I a convert to the red luxe lip. For such a bold look, it took some major baby steps but fast forward a couple of months, I've well and truly smitten. What do you ask is my lipstick of choice? The overly hyped (and with great reason) Sephora Matte Long-Wear lip colour in Scarlet. A lipstick hybrid of gloss meets stick, this ultra light-weight formula is impressively long wearing, beautifully pigmented and moisturising on the lip. Quite possibly the perfect balance. Not quite completely matte - there's a slip, with a slight sheen. I'll take one in every shade please!

What is your go-to red lipstick/gloss of choice? 

The Sephora lip products are available to ship to the UK with free shipping on orders over $100. Tempting. 

Home: The Jewellery Tray

11 November 2014

God, I love me a trinket. Especially in the shape of a dinky ceramic tray with nautical thin gold stripes. Who even knew J.Crew did such pretty little treasures? A home for every day essentials after a busy day at work, I snapped up this little bargain stateside.

And whilst J.Crew have a pretty fabulous UK website, but with the pound sign replacing the dollar - you really don't get much bang for your buck. Although I would certainly pop into their Regent St store for a browse, word on the grapevine their sale section is worth a rummage. A challenge I plan to accept.

Taking pride of place is the Kate Spade knot ring, a recent addition that's pretty understated and chic. Then the most beautiful pair of crystal studs and dainty star necklace that I happened to chance upon in a tiny boutique whilst exploring a little seaside town on holiday.

What are your most coveted jewellery pieces at the moment?